16 December 2009 @ 11:46 pm

• AT THE MOMENT ONLY CHARACTERS THAT HAVE BEEN ACCEPTED AT CFUD may apply! Characters currently played and dropped characters are fair game! This means that duplicates may occur, we'll handle that when we get to it!

• RESPECT YOUR FELLOW PLAYERS so don't godmode, keep in communication — we have a chan at (__________) and a lot of the players also use gchat!

SEX IS ALLOWED at CAD. As are other mature themed play. As a player, please be aware that there might be threads with possible adult material! Also as a player, please be respectful and give your fellow players a heads up if a thread or post is full of explicit porn or something!

• Death is also allowed, but is not permanent! If your character dies they will end up near the garden again! Buried under leaves or mud or whatever you wish and with an adorable headstone :)

• AT THE MOMENT I set up a chan on irc at #cad (same server, lunarnet) and you can pop in there etc IF THERE NEEDS TO BE A DIFFERENT SERVER USED we can do that later o/

• IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS just ask here and the mods will get back to you!

16 December 2009 @ 11:47 pm
Batman Beyond
• McGinnis, Terry/Batman II ([personal profile] mynamenow)
[personal profile] ana

• Ishida, Ryuuken ([personal profile] tellyourchildren)
[personal profile] soundtrack

Chrno Crusade
• Christopher, Joshua ([personal profile] iyaaalilbro)
[ profile] takefive

Darker Than Black
• Hei ([personal profile] noreply)
[personal profile] fritillaria

• Yin ([personal profile] inmonochrome)
[personal profile] soundtrack

Discworld: Monstrous Regiment
• Maladict( [personal profile] bad_addict)
[ profile] nightangelca

Final Fantasy VII (and its many appendages)
• Gainsborough, Aeris ([personal profile] inflorescence)
[personal profile] corinthian

Final Fantasy X
• Auron ([personal profile] sentmanwalking
[personal profile] clippedwings

Full Metal Alchemist
• Hughes, Maes ([personal profile] deaddys_here
[personal profile] perrito

Hana Yori Dango
• Domyoji, Tskasa ([personal profile] lordoverflowers)
[personal profile] chesuto

Hellboy Comics
• Hellboy ([personal profile] handedness)
[personal profile] existence

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
• Dokuro, Chrome ([personal profile] dichromatic)
[personal profile] fantastic

• Rokudou, Mukuro ([personal profile] adharma)
[personal profile] corinthian

Kotetsu Sangokushi
• Sonken Chubbobu ( [personal profile] empressofgo )
[personal profile] existence

Lawful Drug
• Himura, Rikuou ([personal profile] you_jerk)
[ profile] synergic

Law of Ueki
• Haydn, Robert ([personal profile] ideality
[personal profile] fritillaria

Ookiku Furikabutte
• Abe, Takaya ([personal profile] hesmynumber1)
[personal profile] soundtrack

• Mihashi, Ren ([personal profile] acesareloaded)
[ profile] synergic

Pandora Hearts
• Nightray, Vincent ([personal profile] narcolepsnip
[personal profile] fantastic

• Vesalius, Oz ([personal profile] oztensibly
[personal profile] quixotic

Star Trek XI
• Kirk, James T. ([personal profile] captainkink
[personal profile] quixotic

• Spock ([personal profile] bornlogical)
[personal profile] comfortingsounds

Tales of the Abyss
• fon Fabre, Luke ([personal profile] sounds_like_pi)
[ profile] aviy

• Ion (Original) ([personal profile] aischrolatry)
[personal profile] sneasel

Tales of Vesperia
• Lowell, Yuri ([personal profile] evervigilante
[personal profile] quixotic

• Scifo, Flynn ([personal profile] foreverjustice)
[personal profile] comfortingsounds

The Sandman
• The Corinthian, the second ([personal profile] darkly)
[personal profile] corinthian

Shaman King
• Iron Maiden Jeanne ([personal profile] holierthanhao)
[personal profile] mommy

The Weatherman is my Lover
• Amasawa, Chitose ([personal profile] weatherfairy)
[personal profile] cesia

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-
• Fuuma ([personal profile] withasmile)
[personal profile] soundtrack

• Cevarro, Pellaz /har Aralis ([personal profile] pellameno)
[personal profile] ana

• Shirou, Kamui ([personal profile] emocalypsed)
[personal profile] saccharin

X-Men Evolution
• Wagner, Kurt ([personal profile] bumpetysplat)
[personal profile] ana

Yami no Matsuei
• Tatsumi, Seiichirou ( [personal profile] kagekachou )
[ profile] nightangelca

• Watari, Yutaka ([personal profile] drink_this)
[personal profile] ennui
16 December 2009 @ 11:47 pm
Just CP from the textbox!

If you are in need of codes, you can get them over here.