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Batman Beyond
• McGinnis, Terry/Batman II ([personal profile] mynamenow)
[personal profile] ana

• Ishida, Ryuuken ([personal profile] tellyourchildren)
[personal profile] soundtrack

Chrno Crusade
• Christopher, Joshua ([personal profile] iyaaalilbro)
[ profile] takefive

Darker Than Black
• Hei ([personal profile] noreply)
[personal profile] fritillaria

• Yin ([personal profile] inmonochrome)
[personal profile] soundtrack

Discworld: Monstrous Regiment
• Maladict( [personal profile] bad_addict)
[ profile] nightangelca

Final Fantasy VII (and its many appendages)
• Gainsborough, Aeris ([personal profile] inflorescence)
[personal profile] corinthian

Final Fantasy X
• Auron ([personal profile] sentmanwalking
[personal profile] clippedwings

Full Metal Alchemist
• Hughes, Maes ([personal profile] deaddys_here
[personal profile] perrito

Hana Yori Dango
• Domyoji, Tskasa ([personal profile] lordoverflowers)
[personal profile] chesuto

Hellboy Comics
• Hellboy ([personal profile] handedness)
[personal profile] existence

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
• Dokuro, Chrome ([personal profile] dichromatic)
[personal profile] fantastic

• Rokudou, Mukuro ([personal profile] adharma)
[personal profile] corinthian

Kotetsu Sangokushi
• Sonken Chubbobu ( [personal profile] empressofgo )
[personal profile] existence

Lawful Drug
• Himura, Rikuou ([personal profile] you_jerk)
[ profile] synergic

Law of Ueki
• Haydn, Robert ([personal profile] ideality
[personal profile] fritillaria

Ookiku Furikabutte
• Abe, Takaya ([personal profile] hesmynumber1)
[personal profile] soundtrack

• Mihashi, Ren ([personal profile] acesareloaded)
[ profile] synergic

Pandora Hearts
• Nightray, Vincent ([personal profile] narcolepsnip
[personal profile] fantastic

• Vesalius, Oz ([personal profile] oztensibly
[personal profile] quixotic

Star Trek XI
• Kirk, James T. ([personal profile] captainkink
[personal profile] quixotic

• Spock ([personal profile] bornlogical)
[personal profile] comfortingsounds

Tales of the Abyss
• fon Fabre, Luke ([personal profile] sounds_like_pi)
[ profile] aviy

• Ion (Original) ([personal profile] aischrolatry)
[personal profile] sneasel

Tales of Vesperia
• Lowell, Yuri ([personal profile] evervigilante
[personal profile] quixotic

• Scifo, Flynn ([personal profile] foreverjustice)
[personal profile] comfortingsounds

The Sandman
• The Corinthian, the second ([personal profile] darkly)
[personal profile] corinthian

Shaman King
• Iron Maiden Jeanne ([personal profile] holierthanhao)
[personal profile] mommy

The Weatherman is my Lover
• Amasawa, Chitose ([personal profile] weatherfairy)
[personal profile] cesia

Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-
• Fuuma ([personal profile] withasmile)
[personal profile] soundtrack

• Cevarro, Pellaz /har Aralis ([personal profile] pellameno)
[personal profile] ana

• Shirou, Kamui ([personal profile] emocalypsed)
[personal profile] saccharin

X-Men Evolution
• Wagner, Kurt ([personal profile] bumpetysplat)
[personal profile] ana

Yami no Matsuei
• Tatsumi, Seiichirou ( [personal profile] kagekachou )
[ profile] nightangelca

• Watari, Yutaka ([personal profile] drink_this)
[personal profile] ennui

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