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THIS IS A ROUGH MAP. But, as per tradition, it is unlikely that anything in Camp stays exactly where you put it last, anyway.


• the barrier comes down about where the map cuts off.

• the Lake, while not inherently dangerous unto itself (see: fish, eels, alligators, etc) the Lake is very deep in the center and home for some unlikable creatures. May also hurricane/tsunami/typhoon/etc in bad weather.

• the woods are not your friends. The trees are touchy feely but also whammy bammy and moody. There are also wolves. And freaky more-than-wolves. And who knows what else.

• the swamp is . . . a swamp. Try not to get stuck. It'll be unpleasant. But also, at night, look out for will o' the wisps.

• the cliffs and caves are kind of cool! It's a large pile of stones, which you can climb on and there are a few openings you could also go down! The caves are full of nifty things, odd items and supplies (maybe a can of beans, maybe a flashlight, who knows) but they're also full of monsters that would make a mid-level final fantasy party cry blood. The cliffs are a lot more friendly, but the higher you climb the less likely it seems you'll ever reach the top. . .

• the garden. The garden is great! It's full of vegetables and fruits all out of season! It's great! And the food is safe! But there's also something really weird about it. It doesn't look that big, but if you head into the garden the plants seem to grow taller, or you get smaller. It gets darker and darker and if you turn around and walk back out what was only a few minutes for you seems to have been a day, a week or even a month for everyone else. You also can never reach the center. Ever.

• and Bat Country? We don't talk about Bat Country.

• the ghosts are pale flickering used-to-bes of people. At times you might think they look familiar, but as soon as you focus on their face they vanish. While generally not harmful, the ghosts can influence things negatively. They may be present before a Bad Thing happens, for example. And, if they wish, they can touch you. . . but you should hope that they don't want to.

Lake Friends :')
• Fish, eels and alligators! Some of them are kind of normal looking, and all of them are edible. However, some of them also have very long sharp teeth and still others may have extra heads. Most bite back. If you stay to the shallow water you are mostly fine, but the deeper you go the larger they get. . .

• Wolves, they live in the woods. They also like to eat people.

It is not likely that the wolves will venture into camp proper, and even on the outskirts of the woods you should be fine. But if you go too deep, or go in alone and unprepared. . . and not all of these wolves are the right size. Some are much larger, and some much smaller. But it isn't the size of the wolf, but rather, the bite it has, that can be dangerous.

• a Will-o'the-Wisp is either a cheerful ball of light or a deadly impish spirit. These fluffy glowballs will either lead you out of a swamp or try to kill you. Temperamental little bastards. . .

The Monsieur

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